Thinking about a remodel? Perhaps a complete redo of your outdated kitchen. We are about to enter a new year, so why not start the year out fresh. A great touch to your kitchen remodel is replacing the cabinets. Here at SODO Home Design Center, we feature the best wood kitchen cabinets that will make people be in awe when they enter your home. Located in Orlando, FL, our design center is here for you.


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Wood cabinets are very popular in kitchens because of their unique character and distinct design. Other options are the basic choice of thermofoil and laminate, but your home deserves better. You want something that has a natural look. There is nothing that compares to the beautiful color variations and grain patterns found in genuine wood. It is up to you to choose the right wood species for your carninetry really depends on your personal style and also your budget. Our shop features the best cabinets Orlando.


What Wood Kitchen Cabinets Are Best For You

  • Maple
    • A hardwood that ranges from almost white to cream colored. It has a fine, smooth grain.
    • It can be used in traditional, transitional, contemporary, and modern styles. This depends on the door style, finish, and surrounding design elements.
    • This wood is a very popular choice because it is readily available and reasonably easy to work with.
    • Can be stained or painted.


  • Walnut
    • A hardwood with significant gran and color variation. Its color varies from creamy white to dark brown.
    • Walnut can be used in traditional, transitional, and contemporary style.
    • This is considered premium wood because it is not readily available, however, it is reasonably easy to work with.
    • A light finish will emphasize the natural color variations, while a dark finish will give it a classic look.


  • Rift Oak
    • A hardwood with a ¬†distinctive linear gran that can be used in a horizontal and vertical application. It has a slight range in color from beige to creamy tan.
    • Because of the linear grain, this wood is popular for modern styles. It can also be used for traditional and transitional styles.
    • It is reasonably common. It is only slightly more expensive than regular Oak because of the additional work in milling. Rift Oak is easy to work with.
    • Always stained


  • Clear Adler
    • A relatively soft wood with a fine, uniform grain. The color ranges from light tan to reddish brown. Its appearance is similar to cherry, but it is much softer. It gets lighter with age and exposure to sunlight.
    • A popular choice for traditional and transitional styles. It is a goto selection for a worn or distress farmhouse look.
    • A very common wood in the West. Also, a less expensive alternative to Cherry.
    • Because it is soft, it is easy to distress and the fine grains complimented when stained, glazed, or painted.


  • Other Popular Wood Choices
    • Cherry
    • Knotty Alder
    • Oak


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