A corner kitchen cabinet can be seen as troublesome by some homeowners, but it can also be an opportunity for design. SODO Home Design Center in Orlando knows that when utilized properly, a corner kitchen cabinet can be made into something truly unique and useful. Because we have worked with so many kitchens, we have plenty of ideas on how to make the most of your corner cabinet. To learn more about the cabinets Orlando residents recommend, contact us at SODO Home Design Center or visit our website to see our past projects.


Different Corner Kitchen Cabinet Ideas


When you have a corner cabinet in your kitchen, you can feel at a loss for how to make sure that you use that space. That corner, after all, can have such an impact on the amount of space that you have in your kitchen for storage. There are ways to make that space more efficient.

  •       Corner Pull Out: A unit that pulls out in a swivel motion can bring forward all of your pots and pans from the interior of the cabinet where it may be harder to get to them. By making the shelves rounded instead of angular, you can allow yourself storage for bowls, pots, and pans. You can also consider adding railings to the shelves to secure your items and stop them from falling.


  •       Half Lazy Susan Shelves: Lazy Susan shelves are a great way to utilize all the space in a corner cabinet. These types of shelves can be made of wood or plastic and have two half-moon—or half-circle—cabinets that glide along a side pole. The shelves can operate individually and can be pulled out partially or all the way. These are also typically less costly than other options.


  •       Door Attached Pull Out Shelves: By utilizing a swing out door, you can attach the interior shelves to the door itself and bring forward the shelves toward the open portion of the cabinet. It allows all of your items to be fully visible and you can even opt for a soft-close feature.


  •       Alternate Pull Out Shelves: Rather than attaching your shelves to the door of the cabinet, you can opt for roll-out shelves controlled by a lever. This way you can utilize all the space in your cabinet and try new organizational opportunities.


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