When you are considering safe floor options for seniors, come into SODO Home Design Center for flooring Orlando, FL residents recommend instead of using non slip floor tiles. We can help you create a space you will love and that is safe for your loved ones.


Better Options Than Non Slip Floor Tiles


Non slip floor tiles can be ugly and ruin the whole design of your home. SODO Home Design is here to help you choose from our flooring choices that will look much better in your home. The benefits of carpet, vinyl, and hardwood will not surprise you and make your home look better than ever. It is important to take everything into consideration when you choose your perfect flooring for seniors and that is why we are here to give our advice and put in just the right flooring for you.




Some benefits of using carpeting for seniors in their home is that it keeps their space comfortable. It is soft to the touch, and the cushiony material underfoot provides protection against injury if they should fall. It is also warm, and the neutral temperature is something that will be comfortable for the elder generation. Nothing too hot or cold is recommended if you’re trying to keep things neutral. Carpet is also very quiet and absorbs sound when you walk around the home. That can be a plus for old folks who like to keep their homes quiet.




The benefits of vinyl flooring in your home are that it makes it easier for cleaning and they are very durable. Hard wearing and low maintence are key when thinking about what type of floors to get for your home. Vinyl is also water resistant. This material of high quality waterproof vinyl is like no other. This is ideal for bathrooms and some kitchens as well.




Hard and natural wood floors are always a great go to option. The surface offers a great natural, soft look. It is generally easy to clean and looks just right in any home. Who doesn’t love hardwood floor, as it fits all the safety measures you’re concerned about? Get the look you want and safe feel you want and go with hardwood.  


Decision Time


Once you have had the chance to review all our options, we will be here to give you a free in-home design consultation to make sure you get just the right pieces to fit into your home. Finding flooring Orlando residents love is easy when you talk to us and find the flooring that is best for seniors.


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If you have been searching for flooring Orlando, FL residents rave about, reach out to SODO Home Design Center to take a look for yourself. Non slip floor tiles are not the answer if you want to have a stylish design for your home. We are here to ensure you get the look you have always wanted. Get the look you want, don’t settle for ugly because you think it is safe. We can give you options and make sure your home is safe for aging seniors just the way you need it to be.