A glass cabinet is a beautiful and impressive piece of furniture to have in your home. Silverware, china, and momentos can all be put on full display in these beautiful cabinets in order to achieve maximum visibility and light up your home. But as a centerpiece of  high-visibility, it is important to keep the cabinet sparkling clean and well taken care of. There are many types of glass cabinets, and they are made in a variety of ways, such as glass-wood display cabinets, mirrored cabinets, and curio cabinets. As these types of cabinets are made of both glass and wood, they should be cleaned with regards towards both of these materials. SODO Home Design Center offers flooring and cabinets Orlando residents love. Call us today for your remodeling and cabinetry needs!


Cleaning Your Cabinets


Your glass cabinet will require a certain amount of regular maintenance. There are just a few things to keep in mind when cleaning this type of cabinet. When choosing a cleaner for the glass components of your cabinet, you can use either store-bought cleaners or a natural homemade solution. An effective homemade solution can be mixed out of two portions of water for every portion of vinegar, and for tougher stains, a little more vinegar can be applied. Simply pour this solution a spray bottle, spray, and clean. Prior to using the solution to clean the glass, you should wipe off the dust that has settled on it first. Then, the mixture can be sprayed onto the glass the surface can be wiped clean with a lint-free towel or cloth. Be gentle with your cleaning motions and dry off the glass with a dry cloth in order to get rid of any remaining solution and prevent streaking. SODO Home Design Center, who provides flooring and cabinets Orlando residents love, recommends you use a micro-fiber cloth if possible, and try to do the cleaning away from direct sunlight, as the sun can cause uneven drying of the glass surface and end up leaving streaks.


Taking Care of Your Glass Cabinets


Your glass cabinet may also contain some wood components that need to be cleaned regularly. When it comes to the wood components of your glass cabinet, keep in mind that less is more. As the wooden parts of your cabinet are generally painted with catalyzed varnish in order to form a protective layer, you should avoid heavy chemical solutions. In order to clean these parts of the cabinet effectively, you only need to utilize a simple solution of mild soap in water and a damp cloth. Clean the wood as often as it seems you need to. Although wax products are often advertised, there isn’t much that wax products can really do that a simple soap-and-water solution can’t due to the varnish.


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Glass cabinets are generally quite simple to clean and maintain. All you need to do is some regular dusting and wiping with a soft and dry cloth, and you can cut down on much of the effort and keep your cabinet looking sparkling. SODO Home Design Center provides flooring and cabinets Orlando residents rave about. Call us today for your remodeling needs!