Selecting just one from many flooring options can seem impossible to those homeowners who are looking for a unique look that is all their own. SODO Home Design Center offers the flooring Orlando residents trust and we know that having a number of options gives clients the opportunity to tailor their space more completely. You do not have to simply select one type of flooring with our selection, you may select a combination of several for the best possible outcome. Contact us at SODO Home Design Center to learn more or visit our showroom to see our work for yourself.


What Flooring Options Work Best Together?


When you are getting ready to redesign your home or you are preparing to start a remodel, you can be overwhelmed with the number of options available to you. However, you do not simply have to select one type of flooring for your entire home. As a matter of fact, certain floorings work better in certain spaces than in other spaces. By looking at these different options and combining to them complete an overall look, you may find that your home looks even better than it would have otherwise and it may be less expensive than it would have been had you selected only one type of flooring for the entire home.

Wood and laminate are great options for large living room spaces as well as hallways, and they pair beautifully with carpeting for bedrooms and offices. For comfort, carpeting can suit these spaces better than the hard, unforgiving wood and by opting to place carpeting in these spaces rather than wood or laminate, you may even save money on the overall budget for your floors.

Tile can also work well in bathroom and kitchen spaces. These can come in a variety of material including ceramic, marble, and vinyl. Any one of these is going to be a great selection for a kitchen or bathroom, though each has its downsides. Tiles also pair well with hardwood floors as they are both resistant flooring options but tile is more suited for locations with high staining and spilling probabilities.


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Flooring options can be overwhelming to the homeowner looking to remodel. Having an expert help you can give you the guidance you need to select a flooring option and commit to making something beautiful in your home. If you are interested in learning more about your flooring options and how you can remodel your floors, contact the business offering the flooring Orlando residents love, SODO Home Design Center.


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SODO Home Design Center is located in Orlando, FL and we offer a wide selection of flooring options for those homeowners who would like to craft a unique look for their home and choose more than one flooring option. Optimizing your flooring for each room’s purpose can be smart not only for the durability and aesthetic appearance but for the price of your flooring as well. Contact us at SODO Home Design Center to learn more.