When you think about giving your home, a complete makeover the first thing that comes to your mind will be the flooring and you will search the internet to find the best flooring near me. Choosing the right flooring for your home is essential because you want a material that is sturdy, easy to maintain and lasts for a long time. The answer to all your questions is Cambria! Considered as is one of the toughest materials, Cambria is impeccable for not just kitchen or bathroom countertops but they are ideal for floors and walls. SODO home design center is your one-stop shop for Cambria in Orlando Florida.

Cambria is the Best Option for Flooring Near Me

Cambria is a top of the line brand ideally used for kitchen countertops. It is tough and has the perfect look of natural stone look. Apart from their extensive use in kitchen or bathrooms surfaces, Cambria is effective in walls, and flooring.

What is Cambria Made From?

Cambria is manufactured locally across the United States. A good quality Cambria stone is made from 93% of pure white quartz. Quartz is a tough mineral that gives Cambria its strength. Other minerals used in Cambria are 7% resin and other pigments.

Cambria in the U.S. is made with expert craftsmanship with an emphasis on quality by following industry leading innovative manufacturing process. Cambria has its own signature style that will definitely enhance the floors, walls, and kitchen or bathroom surfaces. Cambria is a good option for flooring Orlando.

Durable and Safe Option for Flooring

Quartz is one of the toughest naturally occurring minerals since Cambria is made from 93% natural quartz so it’s natural that it makes Cambria a tough choice for flooring. If you are looking to remodel the entire house, choose Cambria for heavy traffic areas of your home. You should choose Cambria as the best flooring Orlando option because the nonporous surface does not absorb moisture and prevents the production of harmful bacteria.

Stain Resistant Surface

Cambria is non-porous which means that it has a non-absorbent surface that reduces the risk of staining caused by moisture penetration. If used as a kitchen countertop, Cambria prevents food particles from penetrating the surface that helps reduce the risk of developing dangerous bacteria that can contaminate the food.

High-Quality Material

Cambria products are the best stone-based products on the market because the process involves using only the best quality quartz and resin for manufacturing. The manufacturing process of Cambria flooring Orlando is based on a multi-point quality assurance inspection that ensures premium quality across all products.

Naturally Green Color

With a Green Guard certification, Cambria is a low-emitting product ideal for indoor air quality. It is suitable for different locations for your home as it is tested for radon, which indicates that Cambria is used to using anywhere in your home including the kitchen, as it does not have any harmful emissions of any kind.

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