Have you been looking into new tile designs for your home? SODO Home Design Center has flooring Orlando, FL locals love and can give advice on why the tile grout you choose matters. Trust us to help you create your new flooring and choose the grout you need to go with it. Every step of the process is important, and we are here to walk you through it.


Which Tile Grout Should You Choose?


When you are putting in custom tile flooring, it is important to think about the color and along with the quality of your tile grout as well. You want the whole design to come together and fit into place perfectly. Most of our clients like to go with a blended color idea or a creative contrast depending on the room and the rest of the decor they are planning on incorporating into their design.  


Blended Colors

For a look of blended perfection you will want a base color, allowing more detailed colors to shine through so the tile itself becomes the focus. The color, pattern and veining of marble, travertine, or porcelain tiles to come forward with the matching grout. This works well for smaller spaces to expand the room and the beauty of the tile. This is a great way to create a natural look and draw attention to the tile as a focal point of your design.


Contrast Highlights

If you wanted to go for more of a creative contrast tile grout, the highlights would be found in the graphic nature of the installation. To create this look, a darker tile is paired with a lighter grout with a natural stone countertop and backsplash to bring a cohesive and beautiful look into your home.


Maybe a contemporary look is something that interests you. If so, then going with a grey grout is something you want to consider. When a contrasting look is something you want to pursue, whether it be a lighter or darker color, considering a pattern such as chevron, herringbone, or a vertical offset can be a neat look for your home.


SODO Home Design Center Can Help With Grout


Choosing the right tile grout can help set the mood for the entire flooring Orlando design that locals rave about. You may not think about it when designing your flooring plan because you think all grout is the same, however, grout matters, and is something you get to pick out when you work with SODO Home Design Center. Adding grout is an important step when designing your project, let us help you get to where you need to be and make sure you get the best new flooring in town.


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