When remodeling or building, you want your home to be beautiful from the ground up, literally. One of the essential components to creating a beautiful home is beautiful flooring. One of the first things homeowners do when upgrading a home is installing beautiful custom flooring, whether it’s tiling or hardwood. Hardwood floods instill a sense of beauty and warmth that lasts for a very long time and slides seamlessly into almost any interior design aesthetic. There are few things that represent luxury, craftsmanship, and design like custom hardwood flooring from quality brands. Installing custom hardwood floors in your home can raise its value as well as its appeal. SODO Home Design Center provides and installs special flooring Orlando homeowners love. Call us today for your flooring needs!

Why Custom Floors?

There are many benefits of custom flooring such as hardwood flooring. One major benefit is the durability. Custom hardwood flooring is highly durable and can last for many decades. With today’s technological advancements, manufacturers can offer this beautiful product to their customers as a long-lasting investment that will maintain its appearance and quality over the years. Hardwood floors are timeless and classic and can hold a lot of value in the resell. SODO home design also offers other types of custom flooring options for your home, such as tile for your kitchen and carpet for your living room. When it comes to tiling, you will likely want to remodel every once in a while, as tiling styles change through the years. SODO Home Design Center provides flooring Orlando loves in order to keep you happy with the latest styles in custom tiling.

Custom Flooring Adds Variability

If you are thinking of installing custom hardwood floors, keep in mind that daily cleaning is much easier for hardwood floors and tile than carpeting. Sweeping and vacuuming become quick and easy, and all you need is a mop and a little cleaner for the occasional stains or marks. With SODO Home Design Center’s quality flooring services, you can put in the type of tile and floor you want, whether it’s tiles in a specially designed pattern or luxurious hardwood floors. Thick, beautiful carpeting can replace old shaggy carpets from years past. There is a wide array of styles, shades, and types of different flooring options to choose from here at SODO Home Design Center. We display some of the most notable specialty brands from across the globe, which each offer their own unique appeal and styles, whether it comes to hardwood flooring, tile, or custom carpeting. Whether a homeowner or remodeler is searching for the perfect hardwood flooring in the dining room, custom tile designs for the kitchen, or lush luxury carpeting for the upstairs, we provide practical, quality services and designs. Whether you’re looking for a minimalist design or to line your living spaces with texture contrast, SODO Home Design Center offers something for every taste and function. Every particular homeowner has their own unique look and fit for their special style and personality, and making their vision come to life is simply a matter of browsing through the many options, styles, and colors to find a unique solution to fit your home. We will help you translate your dream into reality and create beautiful custom floors you will love.

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SODO Home Design Center provides and installs different styles of flooring Orlando homeowners rave about. Call us today for quality custom flooring for your next home remodel!