Choosing the right cabinet doors for your newly remodeled kitchen is not only going to determine the over aesthetic of your kitchen, but also the pricing. Because of this SODO Home Design Center wants to give you some advice on factors you should consider when shopping for cabinets in Orlando.

1. Consider Your Budget

Your budget will 100% affect which doors you go with. There a lot of different factors that can alter the overall price of your cabinets from the finish to the accessories. The overall size and any special modifications needed for installment will also play a role in your pricing. Unfortunately, if you budget is already stretched thin, then you may want to refrain from looking at custom cabinets. While these will appease your overall kitchen aesthetic, from the framing, the glass, to the door handles, these specifications will only increase the over budget of your cabinets. In this case, stock cabinets will be in your best option.

2. Look at the Cabinet Doors in Black and White

Who would have thought, right? But seeing your potential cabinets in simple colors will force you to look at the overall style of the cabinets. Your eye won’t be automatically drawn to the prominent colors or textures, and instead, you can determine which style doors you like before you decide on the finish. Your designer should have a spec book, so if you can’t get past looking at the cabinet colors, ask to see the book which should have black and white photos of your door options.

3. Choose Your Finish

With your budget and style doors all squared away, you are ready to look at the finishing touches. Now you get to play with different color options. You will still want to consider the overall style of your kitchen and ask your designer if certain finishes will bode well with your style of door. Stark white cabinet doors are great for more modern styled kitchens, while grain wood finishes in rustic or natural hues are great for more traditional styled homes. SODO has designed both of these styles for kitchen cabinets in Orlando.

4. Look at the Accessories!

Cabinet drawers are just as important to the styling process as cabinet doors. In fact, they may not be considered an accessory more so than they are a necessity. More and more people are adding in drawers to their cabinet buildout, so make sure you know where you want these to go. In addition, take a look at built in spice rack options for your cabinet doors, and feel free to ask about cabinet door glass options. These are more custom features that may not be options if you choose a stock cabinet. However, more simple accessories such as spice racks, should be easy to incorporate into your new design.

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