The best flooring for kitchen and other home spaces can be tricky to decide on. You may find that you have more options than you have direction. However, seeking out the help of a professional will help you understand what would work best for your particular space and will give you the best overall results for your budget and design. SODO Home Design Center has the best flooring Orlando has to offer, and they have experts ready to help you select the right flooring for your home.


Should You Have One Unified Flooring Material?


Some homeowners choose to have the same flooring in every room in order to create a unified and fluid living space that expands the overall feel of the home by not sectioning off each room. However, other homeowners prefer to have different flooring in each space in their home for practical reasons. This may be because some homeowners prefer having hardwood in transitional and living spaces for their beauty but prefer having carpeting in bedrooms because of their comfort. They may even select tile for their kitchen for ease of maintenance while some may choose to continue their hardwood even into their bathroom.

Your home is an extension of your creativity and you are free to style it in whatever way you feel is best. Unified flooring for the entire home may work better for some, but others may feel that it is too much money to spend to place hardwoods throughout their home. They may opt to use different flooring throughout because they simply cannot settle on one design or because they may different visions for each space’s designs.

Ultimately only you can make the decision about type of flooring would work best for you, but there are pros and cons to each flooring. Speaking with a flooring expert about your concerns and wants can give you the best idea of what would work best in your home.


What is the Best Flooring for Kitchen Spaces?


For kitchens, flooring is typically tile, hardwood, or laminate. Each have their own benefits and pitfalls, and it is important to consider each of these in turn in order to make a good decision. Tile and hardwood are both fairly easy to clean and each can be very long-lasting as long as they are cared for properly. Laminate also performs well in both of these categories. However, hardwood is typically more expensive. Additionally, tile holds up better against water and other liquid spills whereas wood can absorb the scent and moisture of the spills and cause permanent damage.

If you are looking for quality flooring Orlando residents recommend, contact SODO Home Design Center to speak to an expert and visit their showroom to get a better understanding of your options.


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