Residents of Florida, just like people everywhere, know that a kitchen must be more than functional. They must be stylish and current. The best part about the kitchen is that it does not need an entire remodel. Just updating your cabinets can achieve that goal. Before tearing out the cabinets, check out the 2018 kitchen cabinet trends. For instance, green cabinets are in for 2018. Blue kitchens were big last year. In keeping with the nature theme, a hot hue of choice is adding green cabinets. Once the research is done, contact SODO Home Design Center to get started updating or remodeling your kitchen cabinets Orlando residents rave about.


2018 Kitchen Cabinet Trends: Two-Tone Cabinets Are In


Besides green cabinets, two-tone colors are also in style this year. Two-tone cabinets provide a focal point and depth to the entire kitchen. The top cabinets are one color. The bottom cabinets are another, darker color. You can have fun with the colors too. Choose two shades of the same color, two neutrals, or mix and match colors.


Pantry Cabinets Provide Storage and a New Look in the Kitchen


Another big thing for kitchens in 2018 are the freestanding, ready-made pantries. The pantries provide extra storage space, and there is there is no struggle to reach a top shelf. Just walk into the pantry. Also, pantry cabinets change the look of the space and can be painted white, grey or another color to stand out in a kitchen.


Glass-Front Cabinets Orlando are a Stylish Option in 2018


Glass front cabinet doors have been in style for some time. However, in 2018, they are definitely trendy. More homeowners are making their kitchens are airy, open space. Thus, glass front cabinet doors add to that space. Besides, a great way to add detail to a kitchen, it may coordinate with bakeware and dishes. One disadvantage of glass front cabinet doors is they need to be cleaned more often than wood cabinets.


Having Enough Space in a Kitchen is Another Trend in 2018 For Cabinets Orlando Locals Love


Storage, storage, and more storage. This can be a dirty word when a kitchen does not have enough space to store things. In 2018, storage is the trendy thing to have in a Florida kitchen. Upgrade and remodel a kitchen by including more cabinets. This will help the look and functionality of a kitchen.


Old School Style Cabinetry


Shaker style cabinets are named for the religious sect around in the 18th century. The style of the cabinets are minimalist and simple. All pieces are constructed of wood. Another feature of these cabinets is the recessed center panel.


What is Out for Kitchen Cabinets in 2018


Installing kitchen cabinets is an investment in the entire house. Thus, it is good to keep a kitchen as up-to-date as possible. For example, microwaves over the range are out in 2018. In 2018, certain kitchen cabinets are out of style. Dark brown wood cabinets are no longer in style. They make the kitchen look old and out-of-date. Remember, both countertop and cabinets are two most important things that can make or break a kitchen. Whether you upgrade or completely remodel your kitchen, keep in mind the 2018 kitchen cabinet trends.


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